Claimant Count & Jobcentre Vacancies   (15/02/2012)

The monthly update of the claimant count and Jobcentre vacancies data series took place at 09:30 on 15 February 2012 with the release of new data for January 2012. The full list of updates is given below.

Accessing the data

Headline statistics: The headline national and regional figures are available from the regional and national profile or as a spreadsheet download (xls).

For local areas use either the local authority profile, parliamentary constituency profile, or ward profile depending on the type of area for which you want figures.

Detailed statistics: To access the full datasets in advanced query use the links in the list below.

Jobseeker's Allowance Claimant Count

New January 2012 data has been added to:

New December 2011 data has been added to:

  • claimant stocks and flows - ethnicity, age and duration   [link to data]

Jobcentre Plus Vacancies

New January 2012 data has been added to: