New 2016 estimates released and 2012 to 2015 data reweighted

ONS released the statistical bulletin; Workless households for the regions across the UK, 2016 at 09:30 on Thursday 26 July 2017.

To accompany this statistical bulletin, the Annual Population Survey - households by combined economic activity status dataset for 2016, containing the accompanying estimates has been released on Nomis.

An additional statistical bulletin; Working and workless households, 2016 was also released at this time, based on Labour Force Survey data. However, there are no accompanying datasets for this release on Nomis.


APS - households by combined economic activity status dataset

The datasets gives estimates based on the number of households and number of children and dependent children within those households, for a range of activity status from working to workless households. For the purposes of outputs from this dataset, households are limited to those where at least one person is aged from 16 to 64 years.

Key features:

  • Date: The current release contains new estimates for 2016.

  • Geography: Estimates are available for local authority and parliamentary constituency hierarchies.

  • Economic activity status: Households are classified to either:

    • Working Households, where all members of the household aged 16 and over are working,
    • Workless Households, where no member of the household is in employment; or
    • Mixed Households, where only some of the member of the household age 16 and over are working.
    • Mixed and Workless Households can be further broken down, depending on the mix of labour market status of the individuals.
  • Households/children: Estimates can be obtained for the number of households, number of children or dependent children, or number of adults within each of the economic activity status categories.

  • Confidentiality rules: Outputs are suppressed and rounded in line with ONS confidentiality rules.