Unrounding of Workforce Jobs data

From 28th February, jobs figures from the Workforce Jobs (WFJ) dataset on Nomis will be presented as unrounded data.

Prior to this date all jobs figures from the WFJ datasets were presented rounded to the nearest 1,000. This previous presentation is consistent with presentation tables in the ONS labour market releases.

However, users have pointed out that using rounded data extracted from Nomis for further calculations means that calculations of changes and rates may not be consistent with those published by ONS, based on unrounded data. Therefore in response to this user demand and in agreement with ONS, the figures will in future be presented unrounded.

Although the figures will be presented as unrounded, this should not be considered to indicate any increased accuracy in the figures compared to the previously unrounded estimates. The figures remain subject to the same level of sampling variability as the previously unrounded estimates.

Further information regarding the quality of Workforce Jobs estimates can be found on this ONS webpage

The datasets affected by this change are:

  • workforce jobs by industry (SIC 2007) - seasonally adjusted
  • workforce jobs by industry (SIC 2007) and sex - unadjusted