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DWP benefits   (20/03/2013)

The quarterly update of DWP benefits datasets took place on 20 March 2013 with the release of new data for August 2012. Details of the datasets updated in this release are given at the bottom of this article. For background information about these datasets and appropriate use see the article Overview of DWP benefits data on Nomis.

Accessing the data: Headline working-age client group figures for an area are available from the out-of-work benefits section in area profiles. Choose either the local authority profile, parliamentary constituency profile, or ward profile depending on the type of area for which you want figures.

To access the full datasets in advanced query use the links in the list below.

DWP Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study (100%) Datasets

New August 2012 data have been added to:

DWP 5% Sample Datasets

New August 2012 data have been added to:

  • benefit payments 5% data - attendance allowance
  • benefit payments 5% data - disability living allowance
  • benefit payments 5% data - income support
  • benefit payments 5% data - IB/SDA
  • benefit payments 5% data - jobseekers allowance
  • benefit payments 5% data - pension credit

The client group 5% sample data have not been updated:

  • benefit claimants 5% data - working age client group
  • benefit claimants 5% data - children of working age clients
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