Jobcentre Plus District Revision

The Jobcentre Plus District geography was updated at 09:30 on Wed 17 April 2013 to reflect districts as of April 2013.

On the 1 April 2013, Southern England Group Districts reduced from 6 to 5. Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and Wessex Districts have merged to become a new District called Greater Wessex. Devon and Cornwall District has been renamed Devon, Cornwall and Somerset District.

Swindon has moved from Wessex District to Thames Valley District. However, the office structure will still sit under the pre 2011 Districts.

There are no changes to Surrey and Sussex and Gloucestershire and West of England Districts.

The historic "Jobcentre Plus Districts prior to April 2011" geography will be removed from Nomis prior to the next release on 15 May 2013.