2011 Census - further tables released

We are pleased to announce the release of further statistics from the 2011 Census on 23 May 2014. This release consists of:

Workday population

The Workday release contains part two of new statistics about the characteristics of the workday population of England and Wales on census day, 27 March 2011.


2011 Census: Workday Population Statistics for Output Areas in England and Wales (Part 1)

A production error was discovered in the workday population tables originally published 31 October 2013, which affects eight Output Areas in 10 of the 13 published workday tables. The three tables counting only usual residents in households, or only usual residents in Wales, were not affected by this error. The tables affected are: WD102EW, WD1117EW, WD201EW, WD203EW, WD204EW, WD210EW, WD212EW, WD302EW, WD501EW, WD803EW.

For the affected tables and areas, the workday populations were incorrectly allocated to the wrong Output Area code. The eight Output Areas affected were: E00015045, E00023289, E00049002, E00159643, E00172150, E00170915, E00172167, E00174876. Correcting the figures for these areas has resulted in the figures for five Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) and two Local Authorities also being changed. The Local Authorities affected were Coventry and Warwick, where 1,449 people were originally incorrectly allocated to the workday population in Coventry rather than Warwick.

This error has now been corrected, and the workday population has been correctly allocated to all areas affected. No other published releases or tables were affected, the people who were misallocated in the workday population were correctly allocated in the usually resident population.

ONS apologises for any inconvenience caused.