Claimant Count Geographic Building Blocks

On 15 October 2014 the building blocks used to construct geographic areas for the Claimant Count daatsets will be updated.

Currently geographic areas are built from 2001 Census output areas on a best fit basis. ONS and Nomis intend to update this to use 2011 Census output areas in line with the ONS geography policy. However, it is not expected that this change will cause any significant effect on most published outputs.

Adopting these changes will allow Nomis to publish Claimant Count data for new areas based on the 2011 Census geographies as and when ONS publish relevant lookup information.

This change also means that a number of existing historic geographies for the Claimant Count will no longer be updated as the relevant lookup information is not available e.g. 2003 CAS wards, 1991 wards, 2011 Welsh index of multiple deprivation; 2010 English index of multiple deprivation.

It should be noted that it is not practicable to back-date these changes to earlier periods.

For further information contact:

Jonathan Knight
01633 455253

Bob Watson
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