2013 APS Household data released

The annual population survey - households by combined economic activity status dataset was updated on Thursday 6 November 2014 with new figures for the Jan 2013 - Dec 2013 period.

The next update is scheduled for November 2015.

Background to reweighting
The APS is a sample survey, so the responses reflect only a small proportion of the total population. Each respondent is given a weight relating to the proportion of the total population that he or she represents. The sum of all the weights equals the total household population for the survey. Reweighting means assigning different weights that are derived from more up-to-date population estimates.

Accessing APS Household Data

Use the wizard or advanced query options to access the full APS datasets which contain a much wider range of variables than provided in the profiles:

  • Annual Population Survey - Households by Combined Economic Activity Status   [link to data]