New jobcentreplus geography from June 15th 2016

On the 15th June 2016, Nomis will be adding a new Jobcentre Plus geography to the Claimant Count and Job Seekers Allowance datasets. This will replace the existing Jobcentre Plus offices that have been available since the series began over 20 years ago. We have had to do this because of problems with management of the JSAPS office codes supplied with the data which has resulted in an office network which is completely out of date and shows counts for offices which are no longer live.

The new series (which is broken down into the up to date Jobcentre Plus District network (as of April 2016)) will only report benefit counts for live offices. The statistics for closed offices have been allocated to these live ones so that the datasets can present a consistent time series. This network will be continually updated when new offices open and close.

We are giving advanced notice of this change because the old Jobcentre Plus office network (and the jobcentre plus districts prior to 2011 into which they are organised) will be removed at the same time and any queries which use these geography types will not work any longer. These queries will have to be modified to use the new live office network.

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