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Census Area Statistics Theme Tables (9 tables)

The census area statistics theme tables Contain information on a range of subjects about a particular theme combined into single tables. Presented as 9 tables for output areas and above.

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Reference Arrow pointing upNameReleaseRelease dateRevised
CT001Theme table on all dependent children in householdsCT30/08/2003-
CT002Theme table on people aged 50 and overCT30/08/2003-
CT003Theme table on ethnic group - peopleCT30/08/2003-
CT004Theme table on ethnic group of Household Reference Person(HRP) - householdsCT30/08/2003-
CT005Theme table on all personsCT30/08/2003-
CT006Theme table on Welsh languageCT30/08/2003-
CT009Theme table on ability to speak WelshCT30/08/2003-
CT010Theme table on religion - peopleCT30/08/2003-
CT011Theme table on religion of Household Reference Person (HRP) - householdsCT30/08/2003-

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