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Key Statistics (33 tables)

The Key Statistics series provides summary figures covering the full range of topics from the census. These figures are available from national level down to the very small census output areas.

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Reference Arrow pointing upNameReleaseRelease dateRevised
KS001Usual resident populationKS30/06/2003-
KS002Age structureKS30/06/2003-
KS003Living arrangementsKS30/06/2003-
KS004Marital StatusKS30/06/2003-
KS005Country of birthKS30/06/2003-
KS006Ethnic groupKS30/06/2003-
KS008Health and provision of unpaid careKS30/06/2003-
KS009aEconomic activityKS30/06/2003-
KS009bEconomic activity - malesKS30/06/2003-
KS009cEconomic activity - femalesKS30/06/2003-
KS010Hours workedKS30/06/2003-
KS011aIndustry of employmentKS30/06/2003-
KS011bIndustry of employment - malesKS30/06/2003-
KS011cIndustry of employment - femalesKS30/06/2003-
KS012aOccupation groupsKS30/06/2003-
KS012bOccupation groups - malesKS30/06/2003-
KS012cOccupation groups - femalesKS30/06/2003-
KS013Qualifications and studentsKS30/06/2003-
KS014bNS-SeC - malesKS30/06/2003-
KS014cNS-SeC - femalesKS30/06/2003-
KS015Travel to workKS30/06/2003-
KS016Household spaces and accommodation typeKS30/06/2003-
KS017Cars or VansKS30/06/2003-
KS019Rooms, amenities, central heating and lowest floor levelKS30/06/2003-
KS020Household compositionKS30/06/2003-
KS021Households with LLTI and dependent childrenKS30/06/2003-
KS022Lone parent households with dependent childrenKS30/06/2003-
KS023Communal establishment residentsKS30/06/2003-
KS025Knowledge of WelshKS30/06/2003-

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all releases and revisions were at 09:30 on the given date.