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This release follows that of the Key Statistics on 11 December 2012 and contains more detailed geographical breakdowns of those tables and new, detailed Quick Statistics tables for some characteristics of the people living in England and Wales on 27 March 2011.

This release includes the full package of key and quick statistics for the output area hierarchy in England and Wales. Also included information for wards, parishes and parliamentary constituencies.

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ReferenceName Arrow pointing upReleaseRelease dateRevised
QS402EWAccommodation type - Households2.230/01/2013-
QS401EWAccommodation type - People2.230/01/2013-
QS110EWAdult lifestage (alternative adult definition)2.230/01/2013-
KS106EWAdults not in employment and dependent children and persons with long-term health problems or disability for all households2.230/01/2013-
QS103EWAge by single year2.230/01/2013-
QS802EWAge of arrival in the UK2.230/01/2013-
KS102EWAge structure2.212/02/2013-
QS611EWApproximated Social Grade2.226/03/2013-
QS121EWArmed Forces2.206/02/2013-
KS404EWCar or van availability2.230/01/2013-
QS416EWCar or van availability2.230/01/2013-
QS415EWCentral heating2.230/01/2013-
QS420EWCommunal establishment management and type - Communal establishments2.230/01/2013-
QS421EWCommunal establishment management and type - People2.230/01/2013-
KS405EWCommunal establishment residents2.208/02/2013-
KS204EWCountry of birth2.230/01/2013-
QS203EWCountry of birth (detailed)2.230/01/2013-
QS213EWCountry of birth (expanded)2.226/03/2013-
KS401EWDwellings, household spaces and accommodation type2.230/01/2013-
QS601EWEconomic activity2.230/01/2013-
QS603EWEconomic activity - Full-time students2.230/01/2013-
KS601EW to KS603EWEconomic activity by sex2.201/02/2013-
QS602EWEconomic activity of Household Reference Person2.201/02/2013-
KS201EWEthnic group2.230/01/2013-
QS201EWEthnic group2.230/01/2013-
QS211EWEthnic group (detailed)2.212/02/2013-
QS118EWFamilies with dependent children2.230/01/2013-
QS302EWGeneral health2.230/01/2013-
KS301EWHealth and provision of unpaid care2.230/01/2013-
QS501EWHighest level of qualification2.230/01/2013-
KS604EWHours worked2.230/01/2013-
QS604EWHours worked2.230/01/2013-
KS105EWHousehold composition2.230/01/2013-
QS113EWHousehold composition - Households2.230/01/2013-
QS112EWHousehold composition - People2.206/02/2013-
QS115EWHousehold composition (alternative child and adult definition) - Households2.230/01/2013-
QS114EWHousehold composition (alternative child and adult definition) - People2.230/01/2013-
KS206EWHousehold language2.230/01/2013-
QS111EWHousehold lifestage2.230/01/2013-
QS406EWHousehold size2.230/01/2013-
QS417EWHousehold spaces2.230/01/2013-
QS116EWHousehold type2.230/01/2013-
QS119EWHouseholds by deprivation dimensions2.230/01/2013-
KS605EW to KS607EWIndustry by sex2.201/02/2013-
QS803EWlength of residence in the UK2.230/01/2013-
KS104EWLiving arrangements2.230/01/2013-
QS108EWLiving Arrangements2.230/01/2013-
KS107EWLone parent households with dependent children2.230/01/2013-
QS303EWLong-term health problem or disability2.230/01/2013-
QS204EWMain language (detailed)2.230/01/2013-
KS103EWMarital and civil partnership status2.201/02/2013-
QS701EWMethod of travel to work2.230/01/2013-
QS202EWMultiple ethnic groups2.230/01/2013-
KS202EWNational identity2.230/01/2013-
KS611EW to KS613EWNS-SeC by sex2.201/02/2013-
QS609EWNS-SeC of Household Reference Person - People2.231/01/2013-
QS608EWNS-SeC of Household Reference Person - People aged under 652.201/02/2013-
QS610EWNS-SeC of Household Reference Person (HRP) - HRP Aged under 652.206/02/2013-
QS411EWNumber of bedrooms2.230/01/2013-
QS407EWNumber of rooms2.230/01/2013-
QS412EWOccupancy rating (bedrooms)2.230/01/201312:00 17/01/2014
QS408EWOccupancy rating (rooms)2.230/01/2013-
QS606EWOccupation (Minor Groups)2.230/01/2013-
KS608EW to KS610EWOccupation by sex2.201/02/2013-
KS205EWPassports held2.230/01/201312:00 17/01/2014
QS212EWPassports held2.226/03/2013-
QS117EWPeople aged 18 to 64 living in a one adult household2.230/01/2013-
QS413EWPersons per bedroom - Households2.230/01/2013-
QS414EWPersons per bedroom - People2.230/01/2013-
QS409EWPersons per room - Households2.230/01/2013-
QS410EWPersons per room - People2.230/01/2013-
QS102EWPopulation density2.201/02/2013-
QS419EWPosition in communal establishment2.230/01/2013-
QS205EWProficiency in English2.230/01/2013-
QS301EWProvision of unpaid care2.230/01/2013-
KS501EWQualifications and students2.230/01/2013-
QS502EWQualifications gained2.230/01/2013-
QS210EWReligion (detailed)2.230/01/2013-
QS101EWResidence type2.230/01/2013-
KS403EWRooms, bedrooms and central heating2.208/02/201312:00 17/01/2014
QS105EWSchoolchildren and full-time students at their non term-time address2.230/01/2013-
QS106EWSecond address2.230/01/2013-
QS404EWTenure - Household Reference Person aged 65 and over2.230/01/2013-
QS405EWTenure - Households2.230/01/2013-
QS403EWTenure - People2.230/01/2013-
KS101EWUsual resident population2.212/02/2013-
KS208WAWelsh language profile2.231/01/2013-
KS207WAWelsh language skills2.231/01/2013-
QS206WAWelsh language skills2.230/01/2013-
QS207WAWelsh language skills (detailed)2.230/01/2013-
QS612EWYear last worked2.213/02/2013-
QS801EWYear of arrival in the UK2.230/01/2013-

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all releases and revisions were at 09:30 on the given date.