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Detailed UK Migration Statistics (13 tables)

The Detailed UK Migration Statistics are a release from the 2011 Census providing information on migration into and within the UK.

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Reference Arrow pointing upNameReleaseRelease dateRevised
UKMIG001Migration by sex by ageUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG002Migration by family statusUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG003Migration by ethnic group by ageUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG004Migration by ethnic group by NS-SeCUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG005Migration by long-term health problem or disabilityUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG006Migration by economic activityUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG007Migration by NS-SeCUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG009 Household migration by household compositionUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG010Household migration by dependent children by age of household reference person (HRP)UK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG011 Household migration by tenureUK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG012Household migration by economic activity - Household Reference Person (HRP)UK.128/01/2015-
UKMIG013Household migration by NS-SeC - Household Reference Person (HRP)UK.128/01/2015-

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