Economically active - Area Comparison
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All people - Economically inactive (Great Britain)

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Northern Ireland 315,000 26.9
Wales 452,000 23.8
West Midlands 828,000 23.2
North East 375,000 22.8
Yorkshire and The Humber 769,000 22.8
East Midlands 665,000 22.8
North West 1,002,000 22.4
Scotland 743,000 21.8
London 1,281,000 21.2
East 722,000 19.2
South West 605,000 18.3
South East 1,009,000 18.2
Source: ONS national/regional headline indicators [Apr 2017-Jun 2017]

Note:   numbers and % are for those aged 16-64


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