Access to Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) estimates on Nomis

In February 2016 ONS engaged in a user consultation on access to Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) estimates on Nomis. Details of the consultation can be found in the related downloads section of the consultation web page.

This consultation described how the unrounded Notice level BRES estimates were originally to be removed from Nomis in September 2016 and how, in recognition that this is a big change for users of BRES data, we agreed to extend the application of the Chancellor’s Notice method of release of data for 1 more year. This was in order to allow users to allow comparative analysis between the unrounded Notice level estimates, the rounded Safeguarded level estimates, and the rounded Open access level estimates. This period of grace was also designed to allow users to prepare any systems they may employ to take on the Safeguarded estimates rather than the Notice level estimates going forward.

Following ONS’s attendance at the Central Local Information Partnership (CLIP) meeting held on 25/11/2016, it has become apparent that users are not taking advantage of this opportunity and are not really accessing the Safeguarded level estimates.

As of 2 October 2017 access to unrounded BRES estimates on Nomis will cease and Safeguarded level estimates will be the most granular level of BRES data available. Users should note that the opportunity to compare estimates from the Safeguarded estimates currently available from the Access Level option within the BRES EUL dataset therefore exists only until this date.

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