Nomis has long had a hidden dataset with the headline indicators for employment, unemployment and economic inactivity, which has been used to populate the regional and national area profiles.

This dataset is now publicly available to give easy access to the headline indicators published by the Office for National Statistics each month as part of the UK and Regional labour market bulletins.

The new dataset gives you access to the full history of seasonally adjusted headline indicators at national and regional level from the Labour Force Survey, for dates from 1992 to the present, along with the associated rates and change figures. Data is presented on both a 16 and over and 16 to 64 age basis, allowing the headline measures for both levels and rates to be accessed.

Accessing the dataset

The dataset is available in the Annual Population Survey/Labour Force Survey folder using the Query Data tool:


For more information about this dataset please contact:

Sub National Labour Market
Office for National Statistics
+44(0) 1633 455070