Working age client group datasets discontinued

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are changing the way that they publish benefit statistics from August 2017.

The quarterly statistical summary due to be published on the DWP website on 16 August 2017 will include a new set of experimental Official Statistics on benefit combinations. Statistics will show the total number of individuals claiming a benefit and the combinations of benefits claimed.

The existing DWP working age client group datasets will no longer be produced by DWP and will therefore no longer be updated. The last period of data for these datasets is the November 2016 data published in May 2017. As a consequence, the following two DWP benefit datasets on Nomis will be discontinued:

  • benefit claimants - working age client group
  • benefit claimants - working age clients for small areas

All other DWP benefit datasets will continue to be updated as usual on Nomis.

DWP have no plans to publish their new benefit combination datasets via Nomis. The new datasets should be accessed via the DWP's Statistical Summaries page.


Revision history

Amended 2017-08-15: The original news article incorrectly stated that all DWP benefits datasets published on Nomis would be discontinued. The article has been revised to indicate that only the working age client group datasets are being discontinued.