New Country of Birth and Nationality datasets released

Following the release of the first Regional APS datasets in July, today (Wed 15 Nov 2017) we are releasing two new datasets. As with the earlier release these datasets have region and country as the lowest geographic level available, but this allows us to give more granular detail with the other variables in the dataset.

The two datasets released today are:

Both datasets include breakdowns by gender and labour market status, for those people aged 16 to 64 and 16 and over.

In both cases, for Europe the breakdown follows an EU/non-EU structure, whereas outside Europe the breakdown follows a more geographic structure.

Although we are able to provide increased granularity, the sample sizes available do not support breakdowns for each country of the world. Individual countries are only available for those countries whose nationals or migrants make up a significant proportion of the UK population. Elsewhere the figures presented are for an aggregation of countries.