New Local Area Report

A new Local Area Report feature has today, Tue 28 Nov, been added to the Nomis website. This allows users to view a report for a local area such as a parish, ward, village or town. The report provides information on the characteristics of people and households in the area by displaying the full set of 2011 Census key statistics tables for a variety of geographies. Users can find their local area via a postcode or area name search.

Topics included in the report

  • Characteristics of people who usually live in an area:
    • Resident population, Age, Marital status, Living arrangements, Ethnic group, National identity, Country of birth, Passports held, Household language, Religion and Unpaid care.
  • Characteristics of the households we live in:
    • Number of households and type of accommodation, Whether owned or rented, Number of rooms and central heating, Number of cars, Household composition, Households with no adults in employment, Lone parent households and Communal establishments.
  • Work-related topics including:
    • Number of people in employment and unemployed, Qualifications and students, Hours worked, and the Industries and Occupations we work in.