Changes to DWP data on NOMIS and Stat-xplore

From May 2019 DWP will begin a process to remove its benefit statistics from NOMIS and instead are making more data available on Stat-Xplore, DWP's main dissemination tool.

Stat-Xplore has now been extended to include benefits previously only available via NOMIS; Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA), and Incapacity Benefit and Severe Disablement Allowance (IBSDA). From August 2019 it will also include geographical breakdowns for Wards and Scottish Datazones.

To make this happen May 2019 will be the last time DWP update NOMIS for the datasets listed under "Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study". DWP also plan to remove "5% Sample Data" from NOMIS, due to low usage statistics and 100% data being the more accurate, preferred source. For this reason, the August 2019 release will be the last time 5% data is updated on NOMIS. The intention is to remove both these historic series from NOMIS from November 2019.

A user guide for new users of Stat-Xplore is available.

If you have any comments on the above or require additional support to use Stat-Xplore please contact or