APS temporary suspension of country of birth, nationality, ethnicity and disability variables

Population projections, used as part of Labour Force Survey (LFS) and Annual Population Survey (APS) statistics, are based on demographic trends that predate the COVID-19 pandemic and so do not accurately show the demographic and structural impacts. In addition, as the surveys moved from a mix of face-to-face and telephone interviews to fully telephone based, as a result of the pandemic, the profile of responders has changed.

Although rates published from LFS and APS remain robust, current levels and changes in levels should be used with caution. This will particularly affect estimates for country of birth, nationality, ethnicity and disability. Consequently recent level estimates for these measures have been temporarily suspended until they are reweighted to better account for recent population movements.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been analysing the population totals used in the weighting process and intend to make adjustments where appropriate.

An article published on 17 May 2021 describes the new weighting methodology, which ONS intend to apply to LFS results from July 2021. This new methodology is intended to be reflected in APS results published in September 2021.