The Office for National Statistics has identified an issue with the collection of some occupational data in a number of our surveys. While we estimate any impacts will be small overall, this will affect the accuracy of the breakdowns of some detailed (4-digit Standard Occupation Classification) occupations, and data derived from them. Although the majority are unaffected, we are urging caution in the interpretation of these detailed data as we resolve the issue.

None of our headline statistics, other than those directly sourced from occupation data, are affected and you can continue to rely on their accuracy. This issue does not affect the Census or Covid Infection Survey in any way.

The issue was caused by the implementation of the updated Standard Occupational Classification from SOC2010 to SOC2020 in January 2021. Occupational data collected on impacted surveys since then are currently subject to review. However, initial estimates suggest that the majority of responses have been correctly recorded, though this will vary depending on the occupation.

We will continue to publish affected variables, with a clear notice and link to this statement, while we resolve the issue. We are working quickly to resolve and will publish an update by 15 August.

For updates, please refer to the statement on the main ONS site.