New 2021 estimates released and range of geographies extended

The UK small area gross value added dataset was updated on 31 January 2024 with new 2021 estimates. The dataset is available at:

It provides GVA estimates for Lower layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs, England and Wales), Data Zones (DZs, Scotland) and Super Output Areas (SOAs, Northern Ireland). Additional geographies of Middle layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs), Intermediate Zones (IZs), local authorities, regions and countries are also available in this release.

The estimates will be updated annually with the next release of 2022 estimates provisionally scheduled for late summer 2024.


Gross value added (GVA) is the value generated by any economic unit that produces goods and services. It reflects the value of goods and services produced, less the cost of any inputs used in that production process. GVA is a standard measure of the economic activity taking place in an area. It comprises the majority of gross domestic product (GDP), only excluding taxes and subsidies on products (such as Value Added Tax and duty on fuel or alcohol).

GVA for the UK as a whole is measured by the UK National Accounts and published each year in the annual Blue Book. The GVA is then broken down to individual countries, regions, and local authority districts. These experimental statistics continue the disaggregation of GVA figures to lower-layer super output area (LSOA, England and Wales), data zone (DZ, Scotland) and super output area (SOA, Northern Ireland) levels.

The LSOA, DZ and SOA data are building blocks that allow users the flexibility to build their own geographies for analysis. We do not recommend comparing the LSOA, DZ and SOA data directly. Instead, we recommend using the building blocks to build up other areas of interest and/or to analyse small areas within larger areas of interest.

More information on how to use and interpret the statistics are in our article on Disaggregating UK annual subnational gross value added to lower levels of geography 1998 to 2021.

For more information about this dataset, please contact:
Subnational Statistics and Analysis, Office for National Statistics
email: tel: +44(0) 1633 582512