Updates scheduled for 12 Mar 2024 postponed

The updates of the "labour force survey - national and regional headline indicators" and "workforce jobs" datasets scheduled for Tue 12 March have been postponed.

An issue has been detected in the weighting of the Labour Force Survey for Northern Ireland for the November 2023 to January 2024 quarter only. While only Northern Ireland data are affected, as a consequence we are not publishing regional LFS figures as part of the March 2024 release in any of our releases including LFS regional data in Public Sector Employment (PSE) and Workforce Jobs (WFJ).

We estimate the impact of this issue on UK LFS figures will be small – around 0.1 percentage points on headline rates – and so publication of UK data is not affected. We will aim to publish LFS regional data in our April 2024 release and regional PSE and WFJ when they are next updated in June.

The issue with weighting Northern Ireland data is unrelated to our recent work improving survey response rates.