Commissioned Census Outputs

In addition to the standard census outputs published on Nomis and on ONS’s Neighbourhood Statistics Service, ONS also provides a service to produce user-defined tabulations of Census data. When tables are commissioned, they become available to all. A list of tables which have been commissioned, and which are now publicly available is published on the National Statistics web site:

In 2005, the Labour Market Sub-group of the Central and Local Information Partnership (CLIP(LMS) sub-group) commissioned a number of tables to help understand and analyse local labour markets. The tables look at labour market data for local authorities and, in some cases, for wards. The tables show:

  • employment status and hours worked by industry and occupation;
  • economic activity by age and ethnic group;
  • full-time students by age and ethnic group; and
  • qualifications by age and sex.

These tables are all based on the area of residence of Census respondents. Tables on employment status by hours worked and occupation and industry were also produced for the workplace population. The tables commissioned by the CLIP(LMS) sub-group are tables C0438 to C0450 in the above list.

More information about commissioning further tables, or obtaining copies of existing commissioned tables, can be found at:

Commissioning output (link)