Future of Nomis Consultation

Please consider and respond to the ONS consultation regarding your use of Nomis for accessing Labour Market Statistics.

ONS Web Data Dissemination Strategy and Future of Nomis Consultation (pdf)

We appreciate that this enquiry may seem similar to previous requests for information and may appear to ask for some similar information to the recent ONS Consultation.  However it is important to note what is different in this particular enquiry.

Based on information about general usage of Nomis, both from usage statistics and previous discussions and consultations, ONS is proposing an alternative solution to allow you to access the data that you currently access from Nomis – The ONS Data Explorer.  More information about the proposed ONS Data Explorer is given in the consultation document.

For many users, ONS anticipate that the ONS Data Explorer will meet their needs.

ONS are also aware that some information is downloaded from Nomis that would not be met by the ONS Data Explorer.  However, currently ONS do not know what the importance of this data is to users, how they make use of it and the impact on the general public. It is these users that ONS particularly want to hear from to better understand this usage of the more detailed data currently available.

Please take the time to consider the proposal in the consultation and to provide ONS with the requested information if you believe that you would be affected by the proposal.

Responses should be sent by 20 May 2011 to: