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Detailed Characteristics for approximated social grade for MSOAs and wards.

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Reference Arrow pointing upNameReleaseRelease dateRevised
DC2606WAlaAbility of dependent child in a family to speak Welsh by Welsh household composition by approximated social grade of Household Reference Person3.5c26/03/2014-
DC6124EWApproximated social grade by sex by age3.5c26/03/2014-
DC6125EWApproximated social grade by adult lifestage3.5c26/03/2014-
DC6126EWApproximated social grade by adult lifestage - Household Reference Persons3.5c26/03/2014-
DC6127EWApproximated social grade by household composition3.5c26/03/2014-
DC6218EWApproximated social grade by country of birth3.5c26/03/2014-
DC6219EWApproximated social grade by passports held3.5c26/03/2014-
DC6403EWApproximated social grade by tenure by car or van availability3.5c26/03/2014-
QS613EWApproximated social grade3.5c26/03/2014-

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