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Local Characteristics on Ethnicity, Identity, Language and Religion for Output Areas in England and Wales.

This release provides the first Local Characteristics tables from the 2011 Census on the topics of ethnicity, identity, language and religion. Local Characteristics are cross tabulations of two or more census topics that provide the greatest level of detail possible for local areas.

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ReferenceNameRelease Arrow pointing upRelease dateRevised
LC2101EWEthnic group by sex by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2102EWNational Identity by sex by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2104EWMain language by sex by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2105EWProficiency in English by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2106WAWelsh language skills by sex by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2107EWReligion by sex by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2201EWEthnic group by religion4.131/07/2013-
LC2202EWNational identity by ethnic group4.131/07/2013-
LC2203WAAbility to speak Welsh by national identity by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2204EWNational Identity by religion4.131/07/2013-
LC2205EWCountry of birth by ethnic group4.131/07/2013-
LC2206WAWelsh language skills by country of birth by age4.131/07/2013-
LC2207EWCountry of birth by religion by sex4.131/07/2013-
LC2801EWEthnic group by age of arrival in the UK4.131/07/2013-
LC2803EW Proficiency in English by age of arrival in the UK4.131/07/2013-
LC3202WAGeneral health by ability to speak Welsh by age4.131/07/2013-
LC3204WALong-term health problem or disability by ability to speak Welsh by age4.131/07/2013-
LC6201EWEconomic activity by ethnic group by age4.131/07/2013-
LC6205EWEconomic activity by Religion4.131/07/2013-
LC6206EWNS-SeC by ethnic group by age4.131/07/2013-
LC6207EWNS-SeC by religion4.131/07/2013-

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