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Local Characteristics on Demography and Families for Output Areas in England and Wales.

The Local Characteristics tables in this release focus on the topic of Demography and Families, cross-tabulated with one or more other topics from the census, at Output Area (OA) level in England and Wales. OAs are the lowest level of geography for which census estimates are produced, so Local Characteristics tables offer the greatest level of detail possible for all local areas.

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ReferenceName Arrow pointing downReleaseRelease dateRevised
LC1106EWSchoolchildren and full-time students at their non term-time address by sex by age4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1104EWResidence type by age4.4a23/01/2014-
LC4106EWOccupancy rating (rooms) by tenure4.4a23/01/2014-
LC4104EWOccupancy rating (rooms) by household composition4.4a23/01/2014-
LC4108EWOccupancy rating (bedrooms) by tenure4.4a23/01/2014-
LC4105EWOccupancy rating (bedrooms) by household composition4.4a23/01/2014-
LC4209EWNumber of persons per room in household by ethnic group of household reference person (HRP)4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1107EWMarital and civil partnership status by sex by age4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1108EWLiving arrangements by sex by age4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1202EWHousehold composition by religion of Household Reference Person (HRP)4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1301EWHousehold composition by number of people in household with a long-term health problem or disability4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1402EWHousehold composition by number of bedrooms4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1201EWHousehold composition by ethnic group of Household Reference Person (HRP)4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1401EWHousehold composition by car or van availability4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1109EWHousehold composition by age by sex4.4a23/01/2014-
LC2115WAFamily type by parents ability to speak Welsh by age and ability to speak Welsh of dependent child4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1601EWFamily status by number of parents working by economic activity4.4a23/01/2014-
LC2116EWEthnic group of dependent child by sex4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1114EWDependent children by family type4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1203EWDependent children by ethnic group of Household Reference Person (HRP) by age4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1110EWConcealed family status by family type by dependent children by age of Family Reference Person (FRP)4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1112EWAge of youngest dependent child by household type by sex4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1113EWAge of youngest dependent child by household type4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1115EWAge of youngest dependent child by family type by age of Family Reference Persion (FRP)4.4a23/01/2014-
LC1118EWAge of youngest dependent child by family type4.4a23/01/2014-

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