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Workday population statistics for MSOA and output areas in England and Wales (Part 2).

This release contains part one of new statistics about the characteristics of the workday population of England and Wales on census day, 27 March 2011.

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ReferenceName Arrow pointing upReleaseRelease dateRevised
WD613EWApproximated Social Grade (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD702EWDistance travelled to work (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD601EWEconomic activity (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD604EWHours worked (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD605EWIndustry (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD703EWMethod of travel to work (2001 specification) (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD607EWNS-SeC (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD606EWOccupation (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-
WD1101EWSex by Age (Workday population)5.2b23/05/2014-

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