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ReferenceNameReleaseRelease dateRevised Arrow pointing down
CT0144Occupation (full) by industry (full) (national)Sup.109/04/2014-
LC1105EWResidence type by sex by ageSup.109/04/2014-
LC2109EWlsEthnic group by ageSup.109/04/2014-
LC2110EWlsNational identity by ageSup.109/04/2014-
LC2404EWlsEthnic group by occupancy rating (bedrooms)Sup.109/04/2014-
LC2405EWlsEthnic group by occupancy rating (rooms)Sup.109/04/2014-
LC2602EWProficiency in English by occupationSup.109/04/2014-
LC3101EWlsLong term health problem or disability by sex by ageSup.109/04/2014-
LC4411EWStudent accommodation by ageSup.109/04/2014-
LC5605EWlsHighest level of qualification by economic activity by ageSup.109/04/2014-

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