2011 Census Bulk Data Download (UK Migrations)

2011 Census Bulk data products are provided here in a bespoke CSV format designed to be automatically loaded into systems that allow users to interrogate and manipulate the data. They are not designed for use in desktop spreadsheet tools, and users seeking downloads that are designed for viewing in those tools are advised to use the standard tools on the main Nomis and NeSS websites.

Where possible and applicable the bulk data files contain values with more decimal points than are provided in equivalent tables on the ONS, Neighbourhood Statistics, and nomis websites. This affects area measurement and calculated fields. As a consequence, rounding of this data by users may result in figures that vary slightly from the data on these websites, as the latter may be expressed as whole numbers or rounded or truncated to fewer decimal points and different rounding methods may have been applied.

Statistical Disclosure Control
In order to protect against disclosure of personal information, records have been swapped between different geographic areas. Some counts will be affected, particularly small counts at the lowest geographies.

For help or advice about these downloads contact ONS Census Customer Services (census.customerservices@ons.gov.uk, tel: 01329 444972).

All tables in a single file

Use these links to download tables in a single package. These are large downloads. Alternatively you can get bulk download data for individual tables below.
All tables Release 5.2a tables (guidance | final table layouts) Download (37mb)
Further information about the files in this release can be found in the guidance document. Users of this data are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this guidance prior to use. Use the final table layouts document to view the variables available in each table.
UKMIG001 Migration by sex by age MSOA  
UKMIG002 Migration by family status MSOA  
UKMIG003 Migration by ethnic group by age Local Authority  
UKMIG004 Migration by ethnic group by NS-SeC Local Authority  
UKMIG005 Migration by long-term health problem or disability MSOA  
UKMIG006 Migration by economic activity MSOA  
UKMIG007 Migration by Ns-SeC MSOA  
UKMIG008 Migration Output Area  
UKMIG009 Household migration by household composition MSOA  
UKMIG010 Household migration by dependent children by age of household reference persion (HRP) Local Authority  
UKMIG011 Household migration by tenure MSOA  
UKMIG012 Household migration by economic activity - household reference person (HRP) MSOA  
UKMIG013 Household migration by NS-SeC - householf reference person (HRP) MSOA