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UK Key Statistics (26 tables)

The Key Statistics series provides summary figures covering the full range of topics from the census. These figures are available from national level down to the very small census output areas.

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Reference Arrow pointing downNameReleaseRelease dateRevised
KS613UKNS-SeC - FemalesUK.213/06/2014-
KS612UKNS-SeC - MalesUK.213/06/2014-
KS610UKOccupation - FemalesUK.213/06/2014-
KS609UKOccupation - MalesUK.213/06/2014-
KS607UKIndustry - FemalesUK.213/06/201412/08/2014
KS606UKIndustry - MalesUK.213/06/201412/08/2014
KS604UKHours workedUK.213/06/2014-
KS603UKEconomic activity - FemalesUK.213/06/2014-
KS602UKEconomic activity - MalesUK.213/06/2014-
KS601UKEconomic activityUK.213/06/2014-
KS501UKQualifications and studentsUK.213/06/2014-
KS405UKCommunal establishment residentsUK.213/06/2014-
KS404UKCar or van availabilityUK.213/06/2014-
KS401UKDwellings, household spaces and accommodation typeUK.213/06/2014-
KS301UKHealth and provision of unpaid careUK.213/06/2014-
KS201UKEthnic groupUK.213/06/2014-
KS107UKLone parent households with dependent childrenUK.213/06/2014-
KS105UKHousehold compositionUK.213/06/2014-
KS104UKLiving arrangementsUK.213/06/2014-
KS103UKMarital and civil partnership statusUK.213/06/2014-
KS102UKAge StructureUK.213/06/2014-
KS101UKUsual resident populationUK.213/06/2014-

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all releases and revisions were at 09:30 on the given date.