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Non-UK Born Short-term Residents (17 tables)

This series contains new statistics about some of the characteristics of non-UK born short-term residents living in England and Wales.

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Reference Arrow pointing upNameReleaseRelease dateRevised
ST101EWlaResidence type5.1a31/10/2013-
ST102EWlaPopulation density5.1a31/10/2013-
ST1117EWlaSex by single year of age5.1a31/10/2013-
ST201EWlaEthnic group5.1a31/10/2013-
ST203EWlaCountry of Birth5.1a31/10/2013-
ST204EWlaMain language5.1a31/10/2013-
ST212EWlaPassports held (detailed)5.1a31/10/2013-
ST301EWlaProvision of unpaid care5.1a31/10/2013-
ST302EWlaGeneral Health5.1a31/10/2013-
ST403EWlaTenure - People5.1a31/10/201312:00 17/01/2014
ST601EWlaEconomic activity5.1a31/10/2013-
ST604EWlaHours worked5.1a31/10/2013-
ST701EWlamethod of travel to work5.1a31/10/2013-

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