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UK Quick Statistics (47 tables)

The Quick Statistics series generally provides information about a single census topic. The classifications used are usually the full versions with the most categories so provide the most detailed information available from the census about the topic. Like the Key Statistics, these tables are available from national level down to the very small census output areas.

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Reference Arrow pointing upNameReleaseRelease dateRevised
QS101UKResidence typeUK.213/06/2014-
QS102UKPopulation densityUK.213/06/2014-
QS103UKAge by single yearUK.213/06/2014-
QS105UKSchoolchildren and full-time students at their non term-time addressUK.213/06/2014-
QS108UKLiving arrangementsUK.213/06/2014-
QS110UKAdult lifestage (alternative adult definition)UK.213/06/2014-
QS111UKHousehold lifestageUK.213/06/2014-
QS112UKHousehold composition - PeopleUK.213/06/2014-
QS113UKHousehold composition - HouseholdsUK.213/06/2014-
QS114UKHousehold composition (alternative child and adult definitions) - PeopleUK.213/06/2014-
QS115UKHousehold composition (alternative child/adult definitions) - HouseholdsUK.213/06/2014-
QS117UKPeople aged 18 to 64 living in a one adult householdUK.213/06/2014-
QS118UKFamilies with dependent childrenUK.213/06/2014-
QS202UKMultiple ethnic groupUK.213/06/2014-
QS203UKCountry of birthUK.213/06/2014-
QS301UKProvision of unpaid careUK.213/06/2014-
QS302UKGeneral healthUK.213/06/2014-
QS303UKLong-term health problem or disabilityUK.213/06/2014-
QS401UKAccommodation type - PeopleUK.213/06/2014-
QS402UKAccommodation type - HouseholdsUK.213/06/2014-
QS403UKTenure - PeopleUK.213/06/2014-
QS404UKTenure - Household Reference Person aged 65 and overUK.213/06/2014-
QS405UKTenure - HouseholdsUK.213/06/2014-
QS406UKHousehold sizeUK.213/06/2014-
QS407UKNumber of roomsUK.213/06/2014-
QS408UKOccupancy ratingUK.213/06/2014-
QS409UKPersons per room - HouseholdsUK.213/06/2014-
QS410UKPersons per room - PeopleUK.213/06/2014-
QS415UKCentral heatingUK.213/06/2014-
QS417UKHousehold spacesUK.213/06/2014-
QS419UKPosition in communal establishmentUK.213/06/2014-
QS420UKCommunal establishment management and type - Communal establishmentsUK.213/06/2014-
QS421UKCommunal establishment management and type - PeopleUK.213/06/2014-
QS501UKHighest level of qualificationUK.213/06/2014-
QS601UKEconomic activityUK.213/06/2014-
QS603UKEconomic activity - Full-time studentsUK.213/06/2014-
QS604UKHours workedUK.213/06/2014-
QS608UKNS-SeC of Household Reference Person (HRP) - People aged under 65UK.213/06/2014-
QS609UKNS-SeC of Household Reference Person (HRP) - PeopleUK.213/06/2014-
QS610UKNS-SeC of Household Reference Person (HRP) - HRP aged under 65UK.213/06/2014-
QS611UKApproximated social grade - Household Reference Person (HRP) aged 16 - 64UK.213/06/2014-
QS612UKYear last workedUK.213/06/2014-

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all releases and revisions were at 09:30 on the given date.