2021 Census Bulk Data Download

Bulk data products package all the data from a 2021 Census dataset as a single zip file. Each zip file contains separate CSV files for each geographic type (OA, LSOA, MSOA etc).

The first row of the CSV file contains the column headings with data following on row 2 onwards. Each data row contains the values for a single geographic area.

There are two zip files for each dataset:

  • The first contains data for the geographies in the original release: output areas, super output areas, local authorities, regions and countries.
  • The second contains the extra geographies added after the original release. As of 30 Jan 2023 these geographies are: 2021 wards. Other geographies will be added as they are released.

Protecting personal data

Sometimes we need to make changes to data if it is possible to identify individuals. This is known as statistical disclosure control. In Census 2021, we:

  • Swapped records (targeted record swapping), for example, if a household was likely to be identified in datasets because it has unusual characteristics, we swapped the record with a similar one from a nearby small area. Very unusual households could be swapped with one in a nearby local authority.
  • Added small changes to some counts (cell key perturbation), for example, we might change a count of four to a three or a five. This might make small differences between tables depending on how the data are broken down when we applied perturbation.

Demography and migration

TS001 Number of usual residents in households and communal establishments census2021-ts001.zip census2021-ts001-extra.zip
TS002 Legal partnership status census2021-ts002.zip census2021-ts002-extra.zip
TS003 Household composition census2021-ts003.zip census2021-ts003-extra.zip
TS004 Country of birth census2021-ts004.zip census2021-ts004-extra.zip
TS005 Passports held census2021-ts005.zip census2021-ts005-extra.zip
TS006 Population density census2021-ts006.zip census2021-ts006-extra.zip
TS007 Age by single year of age census2021-ts007.zip census2021-ts007-extra.zip
TS007A Age by five-year age bands census2021-ts007a.zip
TS008 Sex census2021-ts008.zip census2021-ts008-extra.zip
TS009 Sex by single year of age census2021-ts009.zip
TS010 Living arrangements census2021-ts010.zip census2021-ts010-extra.zip
TS011 Households by deprivation dimensions census2021-ts011.zip census2021-ts011-extra.zip
TS012 Country of birth (detailed) census2021-ts012.zip
TS013 Passports held (detailed) census2021-ts013.zip census2021-ts013-extra.zip
TS015 Year of arrival in UK census2021-ts015.zip census2021-ts015-extra.zip
TS016 Length of residence census2021-ts016.zip census2021-ts016-extra.zip
TS017 Household size census2021-ts017.zip census2021-ts017-extra.zip
TS018 Age of arrival in the UK census2021-ts018.zip census2021-ts018-extra.zip
TS019 Migrant Indicator census2021-ts019.zip census2021-ts019-extra.zip
TS020 Number of non-UK short-term residents by sex census2021-ts020.zip census2021-ts020-extra.zip
TS041 Number of Households census2021-ts041.zip census2021-ts041-extra.zip

UK armed forces veterans

TS071 Previously served in the UK armed forces census2021-ts071.zip census2021-ts071-extra.zip
TS072 Number of people in household who have previously served in UK armed forces census2021-ts072.zip census2021-ts072-extra.zip
TS073 Population who have previously served in UK armed forces in communal establishments and in households census2021-ts073.zip census2021-ts073-extra.zip
TS074 Household Reference Person indicator of previous service in UK armed forces census2021-ts074.zip census2021-ts074-extra.zip

Ethnicity, Identity, Language and Religion

TS021 Ethnic group census2021-ts021.zip census2021-ts021-extra.zip
TS022 Ethnic group (detailed) census2021-ts022.zip census2021-ts022-extra.zip
TS023 Multiple ethnic group census2021-ts023.zip census2021-ts023-extra.zip
TS024 Main language (detailed) census2021-ts024.zip
TS025 Household language census2021-ts025.zip census2021-ts025-extra.zip
TS026 Multiple main languages in households census2021-ts026.zip census2021-ts026-extra.zip
TS027 National identity - UK census2021-ts027.zip census2021-ts027-extra.zip
TS028 National identity (detailed) census2021-ts028.zip census2021-ts028-extra.zip
TS029 Proficiency in english census2021-ts029.zip census2021-ts029-extra.zip
TS030 Religion census2021-ts030.zip census2021-ts030-extra.zip
TS031 Religion (detailed) census2021-ts031.zip census2021-ts031-extra.zip
TS075 Multi religion households census2021-ts075.zip census2021-ts075-extra.zip

Welsh language in Wales

TS032 Welsh language skills (detailed) census2021-ts032.zip census2021-ts032-extra.zip
TS033 Welsh language skills (speaking) census2021-ts033.zip census2021-ts033-extra.zip
TS034 Welsh language skills (writing) census2021-ts034.zip census2021-ts034-extra.zip
TS035 Welsh language skills (reading) census2021-ts035.zip census2021-ts035-extra.zip
TS036 Welsh language skills (understanding) census2021-ts036.zip census2021-ts036-extra.zip
TS076 Welsh language skills (speaking) by single year of age census2021-ts076.zip

Work and Travel

TS058 Distance travelled to work census2021-ts058.zip census2021-ts058-extra.zip
TS059 Hours worked census2021-ts059.zip census2021-ts059-extra.zip
TS060 Industry census2021-ts060.zip census2021-ts060-extra.zip
TS061 Method of travel to work census2021-ts061.zip census2021-ts061-extra.zip
TS062 NS-SeC census2021-ts062.zip census2021-ts062-extra.zip
TS063 Occupation census2021-ts063.zip census2021-ts063-extra.zip
TS064 Occupation - minor groups census2021-ts064.zip census2021-ts064-extra.zip
TS065 Unemployment history census2021-ts065.zip census2021-ts065-extra.zip
TS066 Economic activity status census2021-ts066.zip census2021-ts066-extra.zip


TS044 Accommodation type census2021-ts044.zip census2021-ts044-extra.zip
TS045 Car or van availability census2021-ts045.zip census2021-ts045-extra.zip
TS046 Central heating census2021-ts046.zip census2021-ts046-extra.zip
TS047 Communal establishment residents by age and sex census2021-ts047.zip census2021-ts047-extra.zip
TS048 Communal establishment management and type census2021-ts048.zip census2021-ts048-extra.zip
TS050 Number of bedrooms census2021-ts050.zip census2021-ts050-extra.zip
TS051 Number of rooms census2021-ts051.zip census2021-ts051-extra.zip
TS052 Occupancy rating for bedrooms census2021-ts052.zip census2021-ts052-extra.zip
TS053 Occupancy rating for rooms census2021-ts053.zip census2021-ts053-extra.zip
TS054 Tenure census2021-ts054.zip census2021-ts054-extra.zip
TS055 Purpose of second address census2021-ts055.zip census2021-ts055-extra.zip
TS056 Second address indicator census2021-ts056.zip census2021-ts056-extra.zip

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

TS079 Sexual orientation (detailed) census2021-ts079.zip census2021-ts079-extra.zip
TS070 Gender identity (detailed) census2021-ts070.zip census2021-ts070-extra.zip
TS077 Sexual orientation census2021-ts077.zip census2021-ts077-extra.zip
TS078 Gender identity census2021-ts078.zip census2021-ts078-extra.zip


TS067 Highest level of qualification census2021-ts067.zip census2021-ts067-extra.zip
TS068 Schoolchildren and full-time students census2021-ts068.zip census2021-ts068-extra.zip


TS037 General health census2021-ts037.zip census2021-ts037-extra.zip
TS038 Disability census2021-ts038.zip census2021-ts038-extra.zip
TS039 Provision of unpaid care census2021-ts039.zip census2021-ts039-extra.zip
TS040 Number of disabled people in the household census2021-ts040.zip census2021-ts040-extra.zip
TS037ASP General health - age-standardised proportions census2021-ts037asp.zip census2021-ts037asp-extra.zip
TS038ASP Disability - age-standardised proportions census2021-ts038asp.zip census2021-ts038asp-extra.zip
TS039ASP Provision of unpaid care - age-standardised proportions census2021-ts039asp.zip census2021-ts039asp-extra.zip