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About this dataset

This dataset provides Census 2021 estimates that classify households in England and Wales by accommodation type, by type of central heating in household, and by tenure. The estimates are as at Census Day, 21 March 2021.

Protecting personal data

Sometimes we need to make changes to data if it is possible to identify individuals. This is known as statistical disclosure control. In Census 2021, we:

  • Swapped records (targeted record swapping), for example, if a household was likely to be identified in datasets because it has unusual characteristics, we swapped the record with a similar one from a nearby small area. Very unusual households could be swapped with one in a nearby local authority.
  • Added small changes to some counts (cell key perturbation), for example, we might change a count of four to a three or a five. This might make small differences between tables depending on how the data are broken down when we applied perturbation.

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About the variables

Accommodation type (7 categories)

Description: The type of building or structure used or available by an individual or household This could be: * the whole house or bungalow * a flat, maisonette or apartment * a temporary or mobile structure, such as a caravan

More information about accommodation types: * Whole house or bungalow: This property type is not divided into flats or other living accommodation. There are three types of whole houses or bungalows. * Detached: None of the living accommodation is attached to another property but can be attached to a garage. * Semi-detached: The living accommodation is joined to another house or bungalow by a common wall that they share. * Terraced: A mid-terraced house is located between two other houses and shares two common walls. An end-of-terrace house is part of a terraced development but only shares one common wall. * Flats (Apartments) and maisonettes: An apartment is another word for a flat. A maisonette is a 2-storey flat.

Quality information: We have made changes to housing definitions since the 2011 Census. Take care if you compare Census 2021 results for this topic with those from the 2011 Census.

Comparability with 2011: Broadly comparable. We have added a category called "part of another converted building (for example, former school, church or warehouse)". This means that there are some changes to the way people who lived in flats answered the question when comparing this variable with the one in the 2011 Census.


Type of central heating in household (3 categories)

Description: Central heating is a heating system used to heat multiple rooms in a building by circulating air or heated water through pipes to radiators or vents. Single or multiple fuel sources can fuel these systems.
Central heating systems that are unused or not working are still considered. No information is available for household spaces with no usual residents.

Comparability with 2011: Broadly comparable We have added the categories "Renewable energy (for example, solar thermal or heat)" and "District or communal heat network". The category "Gas" has been split into "Mains gas" and "Tank or bottled gas". The category "Wood (for example, logs, waste wood or pallets)", has been separated from "Solid fuels".


Tenure of household (7 categories)

Description: Whether a household owns or rents the accommodation that it occupies.

Owner-occupied accommodation can be: * owned outright, which is where the household owns all of the accommodation * with a mortgage or loan * part-owned on a shared ownership scheme

Rented accommodation can be: * private rented, for example, rented through a private landlord or letting agent * social rented through a local council or housing association

This information is not available for household spaces with no usual residents.

Quality information: There is evidence of people incorrectly identifying their type of landlord as "Council or local authority" or "Housing association". You should add these two categories together when analysing data that uses this variable.

Comparability with 2011: Highly comparable


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