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An extract compiled from the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR) recording the number of Local Units that were live at a reference date in March, broken down by employment size band, detailed industry (5 digit SIC2007) and legal status. Local Units are individual sites that belong to an Enterprise. Available from country down to mid layer super output area and Scottish intermediate zones.

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industry (1707 categories)

Employment Sizeband (14 categories)


Legal Status (10 categories)


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Release DateStatusReference Period
31 Oct 22provisional2022
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4 Oct 21Released2021
29 Sep 20Released2020
2 Oct 19provisional2019
3 Oct 18Released2018
3 Oct 17Released2017
4 Oct 16Released2016
6 Oct 15Released2015
25 Jun 15provisional2014
29 Oct 14Released2014
14 Feb 14Released2013
14 Aug 13Released2012

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2016-10-04 09:30:002015
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