Contain statistics for each county on a number of different subjects. Tables of this type include 'CR' in their table reference.

CR03 - Acreage, population, private families and dwellings [1921 census]

Shows population by sex and population density, the number of private families and the population therein, and a count of structurally separate dwellings occupied by private families, including the number of rooms occupied and number of rooms per person. This table also includes a population count from 1911 for comparison.

CR12 - Institutions: Number, total population and inmates [1921 census]

Shows number of institutions and the persons living within them by institution type, sex, and whether an inmate of said institution.

CR14 - Ages (five-year age groups) and marital condition [and sex] [1921 census]

Provides a tabulation of five-year age bands by sex and marital status.

CR21 - Birthplaces of the Population [1921 census]

Provides a tabulation of Birthplace by sex.

CR22 - Foreign born population by country of birth and nationality [1921 census]

Shows residents and visitors born outside the UK with their country of birth tabulated by nationality.

CR24 - Orphanhood of children aged less than 15 [1921 census]

Provides a tabulation of orphanhood status by age and sex of children aged under 15 years.