This table provides information about the rooms, bedrooms and central heating in households, for England and Wales as at census day, 27 March 2011. It includes information about the average size of households, whether they have central heating, the number of rooms and bedrooms, and the occupancy rating of the household (based on both rooms and bedrooms).
Statistical Disclosure Control
In order to protect against disclosure of personal information from the 2011 Census, there has been swapping of records in the Census database between different geographic areas, and so some counts will be affected. In the main, the greatest effects will be at the lowest geographies, since the record swapping is targeted towards those households with unusual characteristics in small areas.

More details on the ONS Census disclosure control strategy may be found on the Statistical Disclosure Control page on the ONS web site.

Revisions and Corrections

2014-01-17 12:00
A change has been made to the calculation of occupancy rating (bedrooms). This affects the original version of this table that was first published 30 January 2013. In the original versions all households who reported having no bedrooms were reported as over-occupied (i.e. they had fewer bedrooms than required), but this is not necessarily correct as these are usually one-room households and should have been recorded as having one bedroom. The updated versions of these table’s has recalculated the occupancy rating, treating these households as if they have one bedroom. Also the calculation of the average number of bedrooms per household has been similarly changed to be consistent and treat households that recorded zero bedrooms as if they have one bedroom.
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