The Claimant Count is an administrative measure of the number of people claiming benefit principally for the reason of being unemployed, using individual records from the benefit system.

Release calendar

Claimant Count

Release date Status Reference period
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14/06/2022 07:00Released12 May 22
19/07/2022 07:00Confirmed9 Jun 22
16/08/2022 07:00Confirmed14 Jul 22
13/09/2022 07:00Confirmed11 Aug 22
11/10/2022 07:00Confirmed8 Sep 22
15/11/2022 07:00Confirmed13 Oct 22
13/12/2022 07:00Confirmed10 Nov 22
17/01/2023 07:00Confirmed8 Dec 22

Datasets updated with this calendar

  • Claimant count by sex and age
    The Claimant Count - the stock of Universal Credit and Job Seekers Allowance claimants broken down by sex, age and type of benefit being claimed. Claimant count proportions are available but not when the figures are not broken down by age.
  • Claimant Count - seasonally adjusted
    The seasonally adjusted series takes into account seasonal patterns of claims and previous changes to the way in which claimants are counted so that the whole series from 1971 is consistent with the current data. This allow comparisons over time to be made which are not affected by the discontinuities found in the unadjusted series. The current seasonally adjusted series relates only to claimants aged 18 or over.