Next updateStatusHow long?
Jobs densityJan 2022ProvisionalNext week
Claimant Count15/02/2022 07:00Confirmed4 weeks
Population estimates - local authority basedJune 2022Provisional5 months
MortalityJuly 2022Provisional6 months
MarriagesAugust 2022Provisional7 months
Population estimates - small area basedSep 2022Provisional8 months
UK Business CountsOctober 2022Provisional9 months
Annual Survey of Hours and EarningsOct/Nov 2022Provisional10 months
Population projections - local authority based2023Provisional12 months
Claimant Count17/01/2023 07:00Provisional12 months
Job Seekers Allowance FlowsTo Be Announced
Workforce jobsTo Be Announced
Annual Population SurveyTo Be Announced
Business Register and Employment SurveyTo Be Announced
Annual Population Survey HouseholdTo Be Announced
Job Seekers Allowance CountsTo Be Announced
DivorcesTo Be Announced
Gross disposable household income (GDHI)To Be Announced
BirthsTo Be Announced
Labour Force Survey - headline indicatorsTo Be Announced
National Population projectionsTo Be Announced