Next updateStatusHow long?
Population estimates - small area basedMay-June 2024ProvisionalNext week
Annual Population Survey18/07/2024 07:00Confirmed4 weeks
Claimant Count18/07/2024 07:00Confirmed4 weeks
Job Seekers Allowance Counts18/07/2024 07:00Confirmed4 weeks
Job Seekers Allowance Flows18/07/2024 07:00Confirmed4 weeks
UK small area gross value added estimatesLate summer 2024Provisional2 months
Workforce jobs10/09/2024 07:00Confirmed3 months
Annual Population Survey Household27/09/2024 09:30Confirmed3 months
UK Business CountsAutumn 2024Provisional3 months
Business Register and Employment Survey17/10/2024 09:30Confirmed4 months
Gross disposable household income (GDHI)Oct 2024Provisional4 months
Annual Survey of Hours and EarningsNov 2024Provisional5 months
Jobs densityEarly 2025Confirmed7 months
Population projections - local authority basedFeb to Mar 2025Provisional9 months
Population estimates - local authority basedTo Be Announced
MarriagesTo Be Announced
MortalityTo Be Announced
DivorcesTo Be Announced
BirthsTo Be Announced
Labour Force Survey - headline indicatorsTo Be Announced
National Population projectionsTo Be Announced
Energy efficiency of housingTo Be Announced