Next updateStatusHow long?
Births26/07/2019 09:30Provisional4 days
Annual Population Survey Household31/07/2019 09:30ProvisionalNext week
Annual Civil Service Employment Survey01/08/2019 09:30ProvisionalNext week
Claimant Count13/08/2019 09:30Confirmed3 weeks
Job Seekers Allowance Counts13/08/2019 09:30Confirmed3 weeks
Job Seekers Allowance Flows13/08/2019 09:30Confirmed3 weeks
Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Benefits13/08/2019 09:30Confirmed3 weeks
Workforce jobs10/09/2019 09:30Confirmed2 months
Divorces25/09/2019 09:30Provisional2 months
Business Register and Employment Survey26/09/2019 09:30Provisional2 months
UK Business Counts02/10/2019 09:30Provisional3 months
Annual Population Survey15/10/2019 09:30Confirmed3 months
Mortality22/10/2019 09:30Provisional3 months
Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings31/10/2019 09:30Provisional3 months
Jobs densityJan 2020Provisional6 months
Population estimates30/06/2020 09:30Provisional11 months
MarriagesTo Be Announced
Gross value added (GVA)To Be Announced
Gross disposable household income (GDHI)To Be Announced