Next updateStatusHow long?
Annual Population Survey20/04/2021 07:00Confirmed5 days
Claimant Count20/04/2021 07:00Confirmed5 days
Job Seekers Allowance Counts20/04/2021 07:00Confirmed5 days
Job Seekers Allowance Flows20/04/2021 07:00Confirmed5 days
Labour Force Survey - headline indicators20/04/2021 07:00Confirmed5 days
Workforce jobs15/06/2021 07:00Confirmed2 months
Marriages22/07/2021 09:30Provisional3 months
BirthsJuly 2021Provisional3 months
MortalitySummer 2021Provisional4 months
Population estimates - small area basedOct 2021Provisional6 months
DivorcesNovember 2021Provisional7 months
Annual Survey of Hours and EarningsNovember 2021Provisional7 months
Jobs densityJan 2022Provisional9 months
Population estimates - local authority basedTo Be Announced
Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) BenefitsTo Be Announced
Business Register and Employment SurveyTo Be Announced
Annual Population Survey HouseholdTo Be Announced
Annual Civil Service Employment SurveyTo Be Announced
UK Business CountsTo Be Announced
Gross value added (GVA)To Be Announced
Gross disposable household income (GDHI)To Be Announced
National Population projectionsTo Be Announced
Population projections - local authority basedTo Be Announced