By Sally Burrows

On 22/05/2006 at 17:34

Don't forget the small geography data users!

Local authorities need data at low level geographies to monitor local labour market situations. Whilst it may be helpful for national and regional researchers to have employment data broken down by nationality and ethnicity, and by different types of disability, this does not permit the borough level data we need. We would love to have all this detailed information, but whilst the sample sizes are low the confidence levels are just too large. Could you provide us with broader categories so we can use this valuable information please?

By Spencer
(Nomis Team)

On 26/05/2006 at 16:17
On Nomis it is usually possible to aggregate different classifications such as Occupation and Ethnicity using the Advanced Query.

For example in the Annual Population Survey dataset:
  • Click on Variable
  • Select the User Defined then Create your own variable

This displays a list of tables used to derive all APS variables, select for example table T15. This displays a detailed Occupation by Ethnicity breakdown. Selecting cells from this table will aggregate all the selected cells into the Numerator of a ratio.

  • Click the Next button and select the cells which make up the denominator for your ratio
  • Click Next again and give your variable a name
  • Click Finish and this will save the ratio for the duration of the session if you're a guest or permanently if you are a registered user.

You can now use this custom variable like any of the existing pre-defined variables.

By creating these variables you can aggregate the components of detailed breakdowns and this will result in figures with better confidence intervals which is especially useful when looking at data for smaller areas.
By Sally Burrows

On 06/07/2006 at 10:10
That's great. Thanks Spencer!

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